Calgary Confederation is Home

My name is Todd Kathol. Calgary Confederation has been my home for over 40 years, and now is the time for me to serve the place that has given my family and I so much.

I graduated from Branton Junior High, Aberhart High School, and the University of Calgary, before joining the same local law firm for my 25-year career. My wife, Sylvia and I are raising our family here, not because it’s familiar, but because place matters. Because Calgary Confederation is more than where we live, where we work, or where our kids go to school – it’s a part of our fabric; it’s who we are. Only a handful of places offer a person these opportunities, all within one community, and we’ve been blessed to call this place our home.

For all it has to offer, Calgary Confederation has not been, and is not now, effectively represented in Ottawa. I want to change that. The politics of division threaten our relationship with our neighbours and disconnect this country. This is why I am seeking to become the Member of Parliament in my riding, and longtime home. This is why I am doing this as a Liberal, the Canadian party steadfastly committed to multiculturalism and diversity.

A place like Calgary Confederation is worth working for today, and worth protecting and improving for future generations. We live in a special place where someone can be whoever they want to be, and do whatever they want to do. Politicians who don’t understand this don't effectively represent us. I believe that how we do politics matters. I believe in equality, an open and honest government, and in helping all Canadians invest in the future. If elected, I will act on these principles. I will pay attention. I will listen. I will work. I will lead. I will be a strong voice for this special place.

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University of Calgary Campus
Todd Kathol Playing with Family
Map of Calgary Confederation